Be brave, believe… and breathe ♥

Hello world,


Yesterday I had a dream, a nightmare to be exact. I dreamt about my past and all my insecurities and memories came back to me. I dreamt of my bullies, my toxic friends and lots of other things that haunt me (thanks dreams for bringing that back).  Personally I absolutely adore reading blog posts and stories from other people, I love using Pinterest, We Heart It and Instagram and I always wanted to make my own blog or to post pictures myself. Only problem – I am super shy, insecure and I feel like no one will ever see, like or read what I have to say. But after feeling sorry for myself for the longest time I now decided that I don’t care. Even if no one ever reads what I post, I still want to put my thoughts out there because fact is, no matter how many times I was told I don’t matter – I do matter! Everyone matters, everyone is beautiful and you all have the right to put yourself out there even if you think nobody cares. Because someday, someone might read what I have to say. I want to leave my past behind, I want to build self-confidence and I want to live the way I want to live.

Remember to always spread kindness because you don’t know who really needs it out there.

“Be brave, believe… and breathe ♥” – The Quiet Rabbit